Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Connecting my n82 to uni wifi

I got a N82 yesterday, and have finally figured out how to connect it to the Wifi (ssid: walkabout) at JCU. So here's a quick run down on how I did it.

Get CA certificates

I used the Keychain access app on my MacBook to export the certificate authority that JCU uses (, then sent the cert to the phone using bluetooth. My phone has already been paired with my mac when i set up iSync, so you may have to do that before continuing.

  1. Start "Keychain Access"
  2. Find the cert named "CAcert Class 3 Root"
  3. Right click on it, and select "Export "CAcert Class 3 Root"..."
  4. Select the directory you wish to save the file to, and click Save (make sure the file format is .cer).
  5. Find the file in Finder, Right click on it, go to: More -> Send "file name" to -> Phone name. This will send the file in a message to the phone.
  6. Open the message on the phone, it will detect that it's a cert file automatically.
  7. Select "Save" to save the cert file.
Set up WLAN
  1. Goto: Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access points
  2. Open the options and select New access point
  3. Set Connectiong name to "Walkabout"
  4. Set Data bearer to "Wireless LAN"
  5. Set WLAN network name to "walkabout"
  6. Set WLAN security mode to "802.1X"
  7. Enter WLAN security settings
  8. Set WPA/WPA2 to EAP
  9. Enter EAP plug-in settings
  10. Highlight EAP-PEAP, hit options, and select Enable
  11. Enter EAP-PEAP
  12. Set Authority certificate to "CAcert Class 3 Root"
  13. Set User name in use to "User defined"
  14. Set User name to jc number
  15. Set Realm in use to "User defined"
  16. Leave Realm blank
  17. Set Allow PEAPv2 to Yes
  18. Go to the EAPs settings (click the right button on the nav control)
  19. Highlight EAP-MSCHAPv2, hit options and select Enable
  20. Enter EAP-MSCHAPv2
  21. Set Username to jc number
  22. Set Password
  23. DONE!
Now when you open up the web browser, and it asks for a connection, select Walkabout and everything should work fine! The auth server will ask for your jc number and password again to auth you to the firewall, and after that everything runs smoothly.

I'll do a quick write up on what i think about the N82 in a week or two when i've played with it some more.


Aaron said...

Hey, I'm from jcu as well. I use a E63. I followed all your directions but haven't tried it out yet, will tomorrow though.

I have one thing to add, though, for any people in here who don't have Keychain Access. I had a terrible time trying to find the CA certificate so this is what I did.

I opened up the internet on my phone (from home) and went to this page . After that you NEED to click on the button (on your mobile phone) "Intermediate Certificate (DER Format)". Then SAVE it somewhere on your phone where you can access it later. Find the file, open it and folllow the prompts. And, voila, hopefully it will work.

I don't know if this will work, but I shall find out tomorrow!

Thanks for the tips though, mate! =D