Sunday, March 23, 2008

twitter status messages as an image

I love twitter, and I like to have my status message everywhere possible. Unfortunately most forums and such don't allow having the flash or javascript badges in signatures etc. What was needed was an image generater which could create a dynamic image based from the current twitter status message. After some quick googling I cam across this site which generates an image similar to the flash based twitter badge. I'm not very fond of this badge tho. It's ugly. I much prefer the facebook badge for the official twitter facebook app. So I decided to build an app which generated an image similar to the facebook badge. After a few hours of pluggin away with django and the pil I had done it!

the source can be found on github.

The app currently grabs the status message from twitter every time the image is requested. Thus I don't think this app would scale very well (altho if it was run by twitter themselves, and connected directly to their databases it probably would). But for the forum or two that I have it on, it should be fine.