Wednesday, April 2, 2008

iPod Touch On-The-Go FTW!

One thing that has always annoyed me about my iPod Touch is the inability to play all of an artists albums, album by album. You from the artist list, you can select a single album, or all songs for which you can play them in alphabetical order or shuffle mode.

I just figure this out! The trick is to use the On-The-Go playlist. Go to playlists and select the On-The-Go playlist. If there is stuff in it already you will have to hit the edit button (or clear it and start again). From there you navigate to your desired artist, and the button with is normally All Songs is now Add All Albums. click that, and then click done and play your playlist.

I don't know why i didn't look into this earlier. I guess i figurered i'd have to add all the songs one by one, but Apple has made it very simple. Still, a play all albums button in the standard menus would be much simpler!


David said...

Doesn't even need to be an "On The Go" playlist. Any playlist will do it. Just add the albums to the playlist in the order you want to play them. Start the first song on the first album playing and the Touch will play all songs then move seamlessly from onto the next album until finished.

I only miss the ability to add the song currently playing to a playlist functionality.